We have several thousand accounts that were created with a third party
creation software (EMU) and had the home dir defined but not the
environment. We were using FSF 1.2.1 and every account had the "Waiting
for policy paths to become accessible" error and were continually trying
on the server over and over again.

I found on the storagemgr.com site what the error is and that a bypass
command in ver 2.0 would fix. I upgraded and the bypass seems to work fine.

My issue is that even though the nsmadmin interface allows me to multiple
select and choose bypass, it is as if the command goes unnoticed. It only
works if I do the bypass on each line in the interface. I can only do
about 4 lines before the program becomes unstable and I have to restart
the pending transactions and wait for a few minutes to do about 3 or 4
more. This is very frustrating! A project that should have taken about 10
minutes is running into 4 days.

I am aware I can just delete the old home dir and it will create the new
dir and release the event in the pending transcactions. I did that on as
many as I could, but these are student home dirs and most have stuff
already stored in them and cant just be deleted.