I posted about this before and was told the issue was because we were
running eDir 8.8 on some servers (although the Engine server was running
on 8.8.1) I have since upgrade all 8.8 servers to 8.8.1 and
re-installed the engine. I still have no servers listed in the Event
Servers or Sentinal Servers windows although all of my NW servers are
listed in the Proxy Sentinal Config window so I know that it knows the
servers are out there.

Engine server is NW 6.5 SP5 with eDir 8.8.1 NSM2.0 SR1a. this is also
the one I want the event server running on.
Master Replica server is NW 6.5 SP5 with eDir 8.8.1
there is also an additional NW 6.5 SP5 with eDir 8.8.1 that holds the
volumes that the Home Direcectories will be created on.

Any assistance in resolving this issue would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Phillip Wilson
Application Developer
Highline Community College