Hi guys

I've just been creating new policies and setting things up in preparation for a big migration. I've come across some things that have bugged me during this process the past hour or two. Consider these as enhancement requests for next version ? :)

1) CSV output for reports and less important, a Print function
2) Ability to open multiple menu windows (actually a redesign of the whole GUI would be good!)
3) Perform actions from right click in left pane (Object browser)
4) User & Group search function
5) Ditch the mouse hover properties window
6) Remove the QUIT menu option from all the windows except the main menu
7) Add a method to print out a graphic representation of the current policy associations across the entire tree


1) CSV is the best option (why you went for HTML I'm perplexed!), as with CSV the user can take it and format and manipulate any way they want using Excel etc. Could even throw into a database if you really wanted to.. Every export function should have CSV as a format it's so handy.

2) If I'm in editing a policy and want to go back and look at another policy, or the associations of another container, etc.. I have to close every window all the way back to the main menu, look at what I wanted, then re-open everything.
The GUI is soooo cumbersome and non-userfriendly, sorry guys. An explorer type view would be far better.. left hand pane with expanded menu options etc etc. To do one function, I could end up with 5 seperate NSM windows open, all in different areas of the screen.

3) It's a nuisance having to browse down the tree, then click one object higher up than the one you want to perform actions on and then right click the container/object in the RIGHT hand pane. (Primarily talking about Container based operations here). Likewise in the Associations object browser in the policies.

4) Self explanatory.. Wading through thousands of accounts to find the one you're after is annoying.

5) Again, a nuisance. Add a right click | Properties just like every other app.. I hate mouse hover windows with a passion

6) I've hit the Quit button one too many times and again, a nuisance. It's just habit from automatically selecting the last menu option in the File menu.. unfortunately, in NSM that closes down the whole app, not just the current window!

7) Self explanatory.. I'd like to be able to see a layout of the tree, and next to each container a mention of the policy associated.. so I can quickly and easily see if I've missed any containers. It would be good if the Association flags (Block / This Container Only) are also shown, so you can easily see if you've made any errors... missing a tickbox in one of those boxes could cause huge problems. This would also be good for documenting our NSM layout.