We recently upgraded FSF to NSM and are having a few issues.

1. Sentinel Servers: I don't see any clear instructions on setting
them up, so what I did was copied the fsfevent.nlm along with the
license.dat file over to the chosen sentinel servers and loaded the
nlm. I also added the servers to the sentinel list. That all seems
fine, except when I look at the server, it says Sentinel: No ...I would
imagine it should say "yes".

2. The executive dashboard allows me to login, yet it takes over 10
minutes to load the page, other times it just shows up as a blank page.
(and yes, it is enabled in the executive dashboard configuration, with
the security principle set)

3. When using quota manager, we can no longer search for a user the
way we used to. For example, if I wanted to search for username
Bill-Smith, I used to be able to search for Bill-Smith and get the
user. Now, I get nothing. I have to either search for Bill* (which
will show all users starting with Bill) or search for the full name,
i.e. Bill-Smith.XX.XX.TREE (I did read this in the book, but I'm not
sure what exactly it means: "If the user is in the Novell Storage
Manager index, the common name will be sufficient; otherwise a fully
distinguished name is required" ...where is the NSM index?)

4. The popups. Somebody pleeeeeease do something about all of these
popup windows.