I have having problems after upgrading from FSF to NSM-SR1a

FSF had been stable and wasn't being closely watched before the upgrade so
I don't know if this problem was happening before the upgrade or not.

When I try to do a full backfill I get the following error on the Engine:

E166 Unable to open <SYS:\factory\dbase\5f\xxxxx> errno=6 NWErrno=144

I get this regardless of who I am trying to backfill. I don't believe it is
a rights issue because when I create new users it creates a new
dbase\xx\xxxxxx file, but then I get the same error when I try to backfill
them as well.

This is running on 6.5 sp5

Another post was talking about clib versions, I believe I am at the latest,
or at least at the version talked about in that thread:
Clib/Threads 5.90.12 November 9, 2005