Please send me your "Authorization Ticket" information so that I may do
a multiple abort. My tree name is PRPSTREE2. My explaination is that I
need to abort because your product goes dumb when there is a "pending
event" and won't allow me to do anything at all to the account until
the pending event completes which can't happen because I can't do
anything further to the account. A catch-22 situation.

For a product which I have paid for, I should be able to do what I want
with it, including destroying all my work or mucking it up with out
having to ask your permission to do so. A very bad idea on your part,
and a way to make enemies of those persons who have years of experience
with a wide variety of programs and don't need hand holding. Please
send the ticket info ASAP. I am sitting here needing to complete my
work and must wait on you to do so. The email address you indicate in
the forums, to contact you regarding a
ticket is non existent. Very frustrating again.