I wanted to put this info out there to see if anyone has experienced
our problem and to make certain that there isn't a fundamental error in
our process or thinking that is cusing us to create our own problem.

We are using the latest Storage Manager on 6.5 SP5 Netware servers.
This particular situation has happened on two servers. One server has
all NSS volumes and one server has all traditional volumes. We made
certain that all the users involved had current accounts and correct
home directories (both name and location) and then we ran the full
backfill and checked it with the consistency check. Everytthing looked
good. There were a few accounts with either the trustees, or the quota,
or the attributes needing to be adjusted. We adjusted the trustees
first using the recover trustees process as all of thes accounts have
exactly the same rights. We adjusted the attributes for rename and
delete inhibit on the home directory folder by using the set attributes
process. All of these users have exactly the same attributes assigned.
We then assigned quotas using the apply quotas process. Checked
everything with the consistency check again and all looked good. Within
20 minutes I started to get calls from people that they couldn't save
anything to their home directory and that they were getting an out of
space error. The quota that we assigned was 150MB, well above the space
used by these particular accounts. Even people with little or no space
used already were getting the out of space error.

It took a little bit of time to figure out what had happened. In the
meantime we had people create a local folder and save to their local
machines. I found that on those volumes where the user home directories
were located at the root of the volume (users:\AllTheUserDirectories) a
quota of 150MB had been placed on the volume itself!! We normally have
no quota on volumes and that is how these volumes were before we used
the apply quotas process. I removed the imposed volume quota using JRB
Utilities GUI based Quotas program. All was well, we thought.

Several of the people who tried to save files at that precise time when
the volume quota had been set so low experienced another more insidious
perhaps coincidental problem. This involves about 20 people out of 5000
accounts so it is not a great percentage, but anything involving the
total loss of files is a big deal. All those involved experienced
varying degrees of having files change from whatever size they were to
a completely zero size. The file name, extension and date stayed
exactly as they were but the size of the files changed to zero. There
is no salvageable copy or ghost file hiding anywhere. The only way to
salvage these files would be from a recent backup. Some people saw all
of there files change to zero, others had only some files change. One
person had only one file change. The vast majority of files that
changed were not ones being used or saved at the time of the volume
quota problem.

If anyone has similar experience, please let us know. I would be
interested to know if the volume quota setting problem is a potential
bug in Storage Manager. Thanks for a quick reply.