I've just upgraded from FSF to NSM v 2.03 running on Netware 6.5 sp5,
1) We provision H drives on a cluster with 80 possible volume paths within
a storage policy. When a user object is moved, NSM most of the time
(although not all) also moves their H drive, even though the policy applied
in the new location is the same one, and their storage path is perfectly
valid. I cant find any reason why it should do this, why it doesn't for
some users or how to stop it. Any ideas?

2) Also, when we move users normally an alias is left behind for a few
weeks. NSM thinks this is a new user and tries to create a H drive for it.
It then fails when trying to set the attributes but has already made the
folders. have you seen anything like this before? It may be something to do
with timing as creating an alias in iManager for example is ok. Only when
its done automatically with DirXML drivers does this happen. If you can
give any ideas as to whats going on I would be grateful.

3) When a move is processed, either unwanted as above or intentionally by
assigning a new policy, I cant find any details on what went on regarding
the file copy. I'm after where the files were copied from, where to and any
problems there were. I moved a H drive yesterday which failed to copy 1,600
files, but there was no record of which ones anywhere. Am I missing where
this is held or is it not available?

4) One last thing, what is meant by Catalog status=6040 on a consistency check?

Many thanks