Hi guys,

I've been playing with NSM for a while to see if it'll work for one of
our customers.
I wonder, is it possible to have NSM move the collaborative storage when
we move the associated group? The same as can be done with a user's home

What we would like is:

- have a collaborative template setup
- have an associated coll. policy ass. to a container with a target path
to a volume on the main SAN
- when a group is created the coll storage is provisioned
- On an archive container we have a policy setup with a target path
pointing to a SATA array for archiving.
- we move the group to the archive container and the collaborative
storage moves to the sata array.
- we change the member/ownerships of the group to set the rights to RF

In the above case i can manage to move the complete lifecycle of project
data for this customer to the projectmanagement application, including
archiving after the project is finished, by linking the application to
edirectory via dirxml.

I don't know if this can be done already or if it is on the feature
request list.