First of all, I have to say that this new "NSM" interface sucks big time.
Everytime user does something, strange new windows pops up and there seems
to be no logic on what functions each selection contains. I'm really glad
there's no need to use this crappy interface every day. The decision to
integrate FSF to remote manager was not very clever move, but in the end it
got the job done and when I compare it to this new .Net-based NSM system, it
was genious and pure joy to use.

My real problem is that after FSF 1.21 to NSM 2.0SR2 update some
homedirectories for new users (or old users when backfilling) simply doesn't
get created while some accounts using the same policies work just fine. Some
jobs just get stuck and this is what is seen at the server console and at
the NSMAdmin -->

- - -
Event monitor says "All delivered = Yes"
- - -
NSMAdmin (pending events), properties for one stuck job:
"Testing source and target extended character set compatibility"
- - -
At the same time NSM engine at the server console shows this:
10/27 18:34:59 4: E372 Begin SetPolicy:
10/27 18:34:59 4: UTF8 compatibility s=<> t=<SERVER1/VOLUME2:\DIR\username1>
10/27 18:34:59 4: GetServerConnection: open connection rc=35078 <>
10/27 18:35:04 4: GetServerConnection: open connection rc=35078 <>
- - -

Environment at the moment:
- One nw65sp5 server with NSM engine, event server & sentinel on the same
- Target server is also nw65sp5
- Simple policies: create homedir, set attributes, set rights, set dir
quota, no template

Any ideas what could be wrong?

PS.Please remove any extras if replying via email.