We are having trouble with Collaborative backfills. When we try to do a collab backfill after the full has been performed, the system does nothing. For instance, as an example I created a group, added members, and then ran a Backfill Collaborative Storage => Full. I noticed that I used the wrong Home directory, so I changed the Home Directory and tried to re-run the backfill. When I run a Full, I get a message stating "No action. The group is already cataloged." So I run the Apply Group Membership, but it never creates the folders in the new home directory. Now I am new to NSM, so I am probably doing something wrong. Now another issue we are having with Collab backfills has to do with already created groups and members. We are having issues where students are members of a group that gives them storage. Some of the students do not see some of the folders that were created. We used to just run the Apply Group Membership and then after it was run, they would then see all their folders. Now even after running that, they still cannot see all their folders. I know this is kinda long and a lot of details that seem confusing. If it is too confusing, please ask for details and I would be happy to go into more detail.
Bob Shatford
Keller ISD