1/ How do I start the engine in no process mode? I remember David giving me a command line option but I can't remember it. PLEASE for gods sake will you guys document this stuff? I know there are quite a few options for debugging, max copy processes, etc etc, and none of them are documented.

2/ I desperately need a multiple abort code, tree name=CIT. Please make the expiry date something stupid like 1/1/2030 so I don't have to ask for one again - my NSM engine is currently offline because I have pending events and I now have to wait for you guys before I can bring it online. As soon as I start the engine, it will start processing and these events will cause abends (see below)

3/ I'm still having horrendous LSL.NLM abend issues when moving data - hence my requirement to delete those pendings.

I am moving some users to a new container, which has a policy with a new storage location. As soon as the engine gets to a user that has any data to be moved, the engine abends. I'm not running any sentinels at all, because of the issues with sentinel configuration in a clustered environment. I hoped not running any sentinels would overcome the abend issue, by making the engine do all the work, but I was wrong.

Were you ever able to recreate this issue?