Just found the bug in NSM (still there from FSF 1.21) that caused the issue I posted earlier this year in the FSF forum (see below): if the managed storage is placed on a NW65 NSS volume that does not have the quota flag turned on (in nssmu - volumes) you'll get "DirRestriction: ERROR NWSetDirSpaceLimit: 89FF" whenever a homedir is created or moved there, even when your storage policies do not contain any quota settings at all. Enabling the flag turns the error message into "DirRestriction: No directory restrictions at this level" instead. 100% reproducible in our environment (nw65sp2, NSS, NCS)

cheers, Lothar
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From: "Lothar Haeger" <lothar.haeger@mummert.de>
Subject: DirRestriction: ERROR NWSetDirSpaceLimit: 89FF
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2006 12:56:17 GMT
Message-ID: <RBVPf.8082$oh5.1033@prv-forum2.provo.novell.com>
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when provisioning homedirs, we often get error messages "DirRestriction: ERROR NWSetDirSpaceLimit: 89FF". Nevertheless, homedirs are created and everything works fine for the user, I am just wondering what's causing this and how to avoid the message. Here's a recent example:

03/09 13:50:10 4: E264 Queue Backfill user=<STEFAN MARKGRAF.USERS.DE>
03/09 13:50:10 4: E277 End Backfill Processor Thread
03/09 13:50:11 5: E318 ADMIN.DE [] HTTP_FSFReportDump ?1141908598
03/09 13:50:12 4: E372 Begin SetPolicy: <STEFAN MARKGRAF.USERS.DE>
03/09 13:50:13 5: E318 ADMIN.DE [] HTTP_FSFReportDump ?1141908598
03/09 13:50:18 0: DirRestriction: ERROR NWSetDirSpaceLimit: 89FF
03/09 13:50:20 4: E372 Begin SetPolicy: <STEFAN MARKGRAF.USERS.DE>
03/09 13:50:20 5: E374 SetPolicy: STEFAN MARKGRAF.USERS.DE operation complete.

Btw. we're not using quotas, and storage is on a NW65-clustered NSS volume.

Thankes, Lothar