Currently running NSM 2.0 SR2a (10/31/2006) on NetWare 6.5 SP5 & eDir 8.8.1

Making changes to the rights and target paths properties of a group's
collaborative storage policy does nothing upon a FULL backfill, merely
reporting that "No action. Group is already catalogued". Even after
deleting the policy assigned to the group, creating a new policy, and
associating that policy with the group in question, running a full backfill
operation results in "No action. Group is already catalogued" and no
changes are made. From browsing this newsgroup it would appear that the
only answer given to this particular issue is to delete and recreate the
group itself? Perhaps not, but I have not found any other answer. Deleting
and recreating groups is not an acceptable answer by any stretch of the

To be clear, what I need to do is make a change to a policy such as the
target path or the rights assigned and have those changes take place
properly when performing a collaborative storage backfill. As it stands
right now the changes do not even appear to be recognized by NSM.

Thank you,
Clint Bergman v(^_^)v