1) another bug in NSM 208 for edir: the "apply group membership" backfill task for
coll storage processes -owner- trustees only if there is also a -member- trustee assigned
to the group homedir in question. If there is no -member- trustee, -owner- trustees will not
be granted any trustees to the home dir.
(I've seen this with trustees to the root of the homedir only, no idea if trustees on subfolders
are affected, too)

2) maybe not a bug, but at least a missing feature: the same backfill task does not reapply
the group storage template that is set in the effective policy. Instead only the -group-,
-member- (with the above exception) -owner- trustees that are already set on the homedir
are re-processed.
In other words: if someone removes the -member- trustee from the group homedir and the
template still has it set, it does not get added again. Also, it's not possible this way to re-apply
a modified template to existing groups