I have had long way to configure NSM for one customer. The customer wanted
me to configure a 100MB quota for about 1000 users. The users didīt had
any quota at all before. Thatīs no problem to configure, but letsay that
400 users had homedirectories that used 300-900MB space, but no quota.
So, to begin with i had to search every users homedirecotry to look for
how large homedir they had ( i used USPACE.EXE). After that i set the
quota to 100MB and then i used Quotamanager to increase the quota for
those user that had larger homedirs.

Iīt would be cool if NSM could "look" in the homedirs to see how large
they are, and set the policy for let say 100MB quota, but also set that
the quota will be let say 20% over the discspace that the homedir is
today. This "future feature" would ease up the configuration of NSM for
users that already exist.

Best regards
Fredrik B