I'm setting up a demo for NSM on Active Directory. So far, the demo has
gone well, but I have run into a snag that will be a show-stopper for
the folks I'm going to demo the product for, namely a deferred move
event that will not process.

Vital stats --
NSM Version: 2.0.2489.24013
Server: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
Tree: Windows 2000 Native Mode
Engines: Event Server & Sentinel Server both running on above machine

The initial process has gone well, with policy creation & backfill
operations all working well. However, when I went to move a user from 1
AD container to another, the event doesn't process. Under Pending
Events, is sat in the Eligible list for 20 minutes or so, until the
number of retries got to 100. Then, the event moved to the Deferred
list, where it now sits, about 18 hours after the initial move.

When I raise the priority to High, the event moves briefly to the
Eligible list, then back to the Deferred list, without getting
processed. The current status is "Creating the Directory" but the new
home directory does not get created in the user's new home directory
location. I can create the directory manually, but that defeats the

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

-- Geoff

(I have attached a PDF of the event properties page. Is there any way to
get the Properties info into a text format? I would like to be able to
export it to plain text, instead of having to screen-print the window.
It would be nice to have an option on the Context menu to copy the text
to the clipboard, for pasting into an email. Just a thought...)