I had an issue where trying to log in to the NSM server with NSMAdmin.exe
which caused the server to abended. The running process was
httpexpThread31 which was owned by HTTPSTK.NLM.

The server is a nw65sp6 with all the postsp6 patches and the latest NSM
files download.

The installation had been working fine for a fortnight, I changed the
Security Equivalent to the following object setting, under the Management
Interface, to an Admin user for the tree and the problems started from

Every thing looked ok, eg .ini files, dsrepair, etc..., but it just
abended the server after 5 - 10 seconds of clicking OK on the NSMAdmin.exe
login screen.

I did a full reinstall of NSM on the server and workstation and it's now
working fine.

I still have the non working NSM Directory and files if your interested.

Just thought I'd mention the issue to help out any fellow "Geek".

Michael Murray