I have since upgraded to NSM 2.0.2489.24013 and the same problem exists.
I have 10645 peding tasks in the queue.
I seems that there is a block of some tasks waiting for ds sync &
creation of a new user acct in NSM 2.

I am running NSM 2 on Netware 6.5 sp 5 on a HS20 IBM Blade. Along with
IDM 2.0 that does the user provisioning via a delimited text driver. IDM
also sync's to groupwise and edir.
(reported to FSFdev on 13.Febr-no response on email as yet)
I created a second path for user distribution, and that cleared the
problem in approx a hour.

It seemed that the software couldnt read and re-assess the values for the
directories, so it couldnt update the rights or the users data in nsm20.x

the only problemnou is the slow responce from the server running the work
engine for NSM.
Mabe I should move the NSM20 server to another server.
Any ideas on this