I donīt know if i have a incorrect configuration about Sentinel-Servers!
I have configure two clusternodes as Sentinel-Server, but i never see any
aktion-messages (at the time i want to take snapshot) at the monitor from
the sentinel-servers. The only Message i see is every 5 Minutes:
HB,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,yyyyyyyyyyy,Servername,Version ........

If i use Snapshot Configuration and configure a clustervolume to take
snapshot now, it donīt works! At the engine-monitor i see the follow

writing snapshot.ini .....
Snapshot: <virt.Servername/Volumename:> 500010
Start snapshot for virt.Servername/Volume:
Complete snapshot for virt.Servername/Volume:
The last tow lines appear at the same time!!! There is no time to really
take a snapshot from a Volume with 1TB!

Folder "sys:factory\snapshot" always emty, is this correct?
In Snapshot.ini is a new entry about this snapshot!

Volume Data Browser never show any Volume to select!

What is my mistake?