hi all,

we were renaming a couple of accounts two weeks ago, most of which are still pending in nsm admin. last error in event properies is 35327 for all of them and on the engine log screen I see things like this for all those events:

03/13 18:26:47 2: E165 NWNSrename <HAMBURGFS01_DATA_SERVER/USERS:usersHENNING
VON KETELHODT> <henning ketelhodt> failed with code 89FF
03/13 18:26:47 2: E110 Unable to rename <HENNING VON KETELHODT> to <henning ke
telhodt> in <HAMBURGFS01_DATA_SERVER/USERS:users>. rc=35327

First thing to note is that there seems to be a "\" character missing between the target path and the homedir name. I removed and added the path from the policy just to make sure the policiy object is ok: did not make any difference.

Secondly, the homedir of the above user is named "hvonkete", coming from an older naming scheme we employed before moving to FSF/NSM. the user's homedir attrib is set correctly and the homedir exists, nevertheless nsm seems to try to rename a non-existing homedir "henning von ketelhodt".

Any ideas how to convince nsm to try renaming the existing homedir?

environment ist NSM 2.00.08 on nw65sp5, storage is on a clustered nss volume on nw65sp2

thanks, lothar