Does StorageManager work in a IP-only enviroment for Netware?

We recently removed IPX from two of our remote NW6.5 SP5 sites
that have Sentinels. All other NW6.5 SP5 sites remained IP/IPX.

While applying the most recent service pack to my engine and my remote
sentinels, I notice that I am unable to update the sentinel by right-
clicking on the Sentinel name and select "Upgrade NLM" because
the "sprocket" icon spins to show something is being attempted, but the
Sentinel at both these locations do not unload, update and reload. I
cannot get them to remove either. They never update.

All locations that are IP/IPX update fine.

I did rebuild my volume database. No change. And when I go to HELP ->
SERVER DIAGNOSTIC and type in the IP address (or Servername!) of these
two locations, I get "Server Status: Could Not Connect to XXX (where XXX =
the servername). I have communication to these locations because EDir
replication, iPrint, iManager, etc are working fine.

Also, I have decommissioned (removed) a server from our tree that still
shows in the sentinel list. How do I remote that server from sentinel?

Thanks for any help.