Am in the process of testing NSM prior to rollout.

Am encountering problems with the following scenario:

A user gets moved from container A with home directory path X, to
container B with home directory path Y. NSM initiates migration of the
user's home directory from X to Y. Before this copy finishes, the user is
moved from container B to container C with home directory path Z.

What seems to happen, is that the copy of the files from X to Y completes,
but then an error occurs setting the trustee rights on Y, because the user
no longer exist in container B. The actual error is:

E372 Begin SetPolicy: <user.B.TREE>
E148 AddFileSystemTrustee NWDSMapNameToID rc=-601 fdn=<user.B.TREE>

The end result is that the original home directory (user-FSFMOVE) is in X,
a copy of the home directory is in Y, and the actual home directory should
be in Z. And the event doesn't complete.

Is this expected behaviour? Is there a workaround?

We're also implementing an IDM solution integrated with our ERP. I am told
that it's quite possible a users' edir location could change multiple
times in a short span of time.