I have an RCS repository that lives on a NetWare 6.5 server that I'd
like to be able to maintain with the Linux RCS tools via NCL. In fact,
that's the major reason for me installing the NCL. So, with the caveat
that it's NCL 1.2 on OpenSUSE 10.2, following Loki's instructions to get
it installed, this seems like something that should work, but doesn't.

Getting access to the files themselves is no problem. That much works. I
can use rlog to view the checkin comments log ok, so basic access to the
files is working. What doesn't work is updates or changes.

It looks like RCS' tools make changes to the files by making a new file,
then deleting the current one and renaming the new one in its place. So
for a file named bob.xml, the RCS repository file is RCS/bob.xml. A new
version of bob.xml being checked in involves making a new RCS/bob.xm_
file with the changes in it (this works), then removing RCS/bob.xml
(this fails), and renaming RCS/bob.xm_ to RCS/bob.xml (this also fails).

Now if I go to the bash command line and perform these same operations,
I can do them. So they can be done, just not by RCS' tools.

RCS is v5.7-898 installed from YaST.

Has anybody else tried this before and got it working? Bug in RCS? Bug
in NCL? Any suggestions for getting it working, or at least something to
test or try to figure out why not?

David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu

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