I had a simple Hypothetical question that i was hoping someone could

Let's say we had a standard 2 server NW6.5 environment. (Nothing fancy,
just a standard layout, One partition, one server the Master replica, the
other server the RW replica).

Now, lets say that the 2nd server (with the RW replica) was suddenly
disconnected from the network. (For this example, the network cable was

My Question: in the long term, what would happen if there were no admin
Would the Master server keep running indefintely with no major problems? I
understand it would still try and synch with the 2nd server... but would
anything major happen? (and i also understand that users wouldnt be able
to access any resources that were on that server. I am not worried about
Would there be some sort of eDir/netware-meltdown event after 36
hours/days/etc (or something)? WOuld the server one day grind to a HALT?

Or would the Server simply continue doing its day-to-day activities, and
keep trying to resynch?
What about any error logs out there? Could there be a chance the error
logs would grow uncontrollably and somehow use up all the space on SYS:?

Just curious what your thoughts were on this matter!!

And what about the inverse: Take the same scenario, except imagine if the
'Master replica' server was disconnected from the network. What would
happen to the other server if there was no intervention.

Thanks again! >^^<