We are encountering some problems regarding the association of
packages/policies and login with the scum agent.

The environment consists of:
- ZCM 10
- Windows only environment (AD, 2003)
- Windows XP SP2 Clients
- ZCM installed on 1 of the 3 DC's (Not the "PDC")

The installation of ZCM didn't give us any error messages.
We've also been able to configure a AD user source.

After we wanted to deploy our first test bundles, we discovered that the ZCM
agent didn't login. After sorting out all kind of possible issues (DNS, Time
Sync etc.) we now think that it has something to do with the ZCM
certificates. (We choose internal authority at the installation of ZCM)

The agent properties shows the following infos:
- Correct client address
- Correct hostname
- Last contact with server: never
- next contact with server: is being re-scheduled every minute.
- primary user: n/a
- Correct ZCM Zone
- Correct ZCM Server FQDN
- Correct ZCM Server IP-address

Attached you'll find our "zmd messages" log file from one of our client

Please let me know if you need any additional information.
Thanks a lot.

Best regards