We are trying to setup a time line for the move to ZEN10 Configuration
Management. ZEN6.5 is currently implemented with the following features
in production: inventory, policies, applications, remote control and
imaging. I have been working with ZEN for many years and will the person
implementing the new ZEN10CM for about 3500 PCs and laptops and about 5000
users, ~2800 app objects and 145 policies (user and workstation). Is
there any rule of thumb on the amount of time it will take me to get
ZEN10CM to about the same point we are at right now? For example, from
start to finish about 2 months to get the devices registered into the
correct folders. etc.
Any white papers on this or any project time lines that I can use to
present to management? I know this is not an upgrade but a new product
and I am trying to make sure I follow best practices if they are noted in
the docs so I will factor my learning curve into the time line also.