I have found that remote control does not work using the "rights"
authentication option on our Windows XP SP2 computers without File and Print
Sharing installed.

I'm able to authenticate and remote control are computer using the
"password" authentication option without File and Print Sharing installed on
the computer.

It doesn't need to be enabled, but must be installed.

When you don't have the above service installed I get the following error

Rights Authentication failed. An internal error occurred while communicating
to ZENworks Management Daemon. Contact Novell Technical Services.

Once the service is installed remote control works fine using the "Right"
authentication method. (Installed but does not need to be enabled)

Because we don't really want to install the File and Print Sharing service
onto our computers, especially not with the service enabled, I was wondering
if there is some sort of work around.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, i would assume other people may
have because allot of people would not have this service installed in there
corporate environment? If so how did you get around the problem?

It's fairly easy to script the installation of the service onto the
workstations, but I don't know how to script disabling File and Print
Sharing? This could be very tricky as its network adaptor based.