My Vista Uultimate workstation has one physical NIC (131.238.x.y) and
two VMWare virtual NICs (192.168.254.x and 192.168.222.x).

When I view the properties of my workstation in ZCC, the field in the
"Summary" tab labelled "IP Address:" reportes three IP addresses. The
first two are the 192.168.x.y addresses, the third is my "real" IP address.

The "ZENworks Agent Status" field goes through the animated icon showing
it is doing something, but then it reports "Unable to connect through IP
address or Host Name". I am guessing that it tries the first
192.168.x.y address and (for obvious reasons) then assumes it cannot

If I then disable the two VMWare virtual NICs in Control Panel and
refresh my details in ZCC, it only lists my "real" IP address in the "IP
Address" field, which is better, but it still cannot connect.

If I then disable my Vista firewall and try again, it connects just
fine. Yay!

However, if I leave the firewall off and then re-enable the two VMWare
virtual NICs, it cannot connect.

Sooo ... I know the following:

1.) There needs to be another port (or maybe ICMP traffic) exception in
the firewall.
2.) ZCC needs to be able to either ignore NATted addresses (or allow you
to ignore them), and/or try to connect on multiple IP addresses before
giving up.