I have one Canon color ImageRunner C5800 that I need to move off of the
Canon NDPS gateway to the Novell NDPS gateway. There have been recent
ABENDs pointing directly at the Canon gateway. So, previous persons be
dammed, that printer is coming off of that gateway to one that works.

Problem is, I can't seem to locate a printer driver that'll work for this
specific printer. If I install the printer with it's driver and print a
job, I can see "printing" on the manager screen, but nothing actually does
print. Then, until I power cycle the printer I never see "printing" again.

Does anyone have an idea of which version of the Canon iR C5800 printer
driver will work with the Novell NDPS gateway? I've tried all of the
PRINTERNAMEs on the load line I can remember (PRINT, print, LPT1, and even
PT1 (read that somewhere)). My Canons here work just fine with my Novell
gateway, but I don't have one of this specific iR type here at HQ.

Ideas welcomed. Of if I need a forehead slap because I've forgotten
something simple, I can take the beating.

I've downloaded lots of versions of the driver from the Canon site, and
I'll drive to the lab later to see if there's one that I can get to work.

Thanks ever so much