I have a user that still uses DBaseIIIplus (I know I get to
converting/updating when I can) its a DOS based app. With iPrint I am able
to easily use iCapture to capture the LPT1 port and redirect to an iPrint
However the info coming out of the Dbase program is too much for the page
and subsequently gets cutoff.
She has a locally attached printer that would allowed for Font size
changed based on the physical printer itself settings. (some HP deskjet)
So she would dial up the small font and all would be well in her world.

I am trying to figure if/how I can do that via iCapture. I had tried to
modify the printers Printing Preferences but that didn't seem to effect
the 'captured' print jobs

Any thoughts/tips on what could be done to get a complete print. Even a
switch from Portrait to Landscape might do the trick but I had no luck in
the manner that I tried.

Any settings that can be configured with iCapture?