I have read and followed instructions from TID 3288691


Until an iPrint client is provided by Novell, the following steps will
enable Windows Vista users to print to an iPrint printer hosted on a
NetWare or Linux server.

1. Go to Microsoft's Add Printer Wizard
2. Choose Network printer
3. Click the "Stop" button to stop the wizard from scanning for network
4. Select 'The printer that I want isn't listed'
5. Select the first 'shared printer by name' box.
6. Type the following URL -
http://[print server ip address]/ipp/[printer name]
7. Select the appropriate driver.
8. Finish the installation.

If your iPrint printer is SSL enabled (secure iPrint printing), then use
the URL of:
http://[print server ip address]/ipps/[printer name]
Put in your iPrint userid and password (no context
required) in the Vista authentication box.


I tested changing my edir password and the printer stopped working - the
printer icon showing acess denied. However I cannot delete the printer
icon as per the TID to reinstall it to allow me to use the new edir
password. Vista reports access to the printer icon is denied!! I'm
running Vista Enterprise edition.