I'm back with a previous post about printer policy. Many questions about
that point:

1. How can we add printer drivers to be able to select the printer model in
the browse windows ?
2. Where printer drivers are store locally on the ZCM server ?
3. If a user is member of local users group, does the printer suppose to be
installed anyway ?
4. Is it possible to hide the printer installation box that appear when
printer refresh on a computer, or hide Cancel button on that box ?
5. On many workstations, when a printer policy is associated with computers,
error "Exception thrown during policy operation"
"POLICYHANDLERS.PrinterPolicy.ExceptionThrown" "The policy POLICYNAME could
not be applied successfully" appear in the result log on the ZCM server and
those computers appear in the Devices Failed section. In the computer local
log file, Fail to connect to IPC port.