I need to reimage 100 Windows Computers (laptops and desktops). I plan to build an image with the OS and certain base applications (viewers and utilities etc) that would be on all computers. I will then use msi bundles to deploy applications to the computers of those users who need them.

My question is whether I should put the Zen Adaptive Agent on the image or do I deploy it to the computers after the new image has been applied.

Here are my concerns:
If I plan to put the agent on the image what happens after I remove the computer from the domain, sysprep it, make the image, and then deploy the image to a new computer. During the deployment process the new computer will get a new name, be joined into the domain, and will have a new DHCP IP address.

How will the agent cope with all these changes (won't it think the imaged computer is the original computer and mess up the data in the zen database?) Do I just need to run zac unreg and zac reg to bring the newly imaged computer up to speed in zen10 managed computers? Should I have run zac unreg before I syspreped the original computer to make the image?

What happens to the ZEN data of the original computer I used to make the image, does it get messed up by all the imaged computers?

What exactly does the discovery prcocess and the Agent deployment process do to the Zen10 databse? (Yes, I have read the documentation, but it doesn't really explain what happens on the zen server when the agent is deployed, or more specifically after the agent is deployed. Clearly fields in the zen database are populated. I want to know what exactly is being populated and how does it get updated or deleted.)