I have iFolder 3.6 server installed on SLES10 SP1 server. I have followed
the document on setting up a multidomain server
and have two different domains configured. The one thing that I did
differently than what is in this document is that I have only ONE IP
Address tied to the server, so both virtual instances are running on the
same address. I do this with Apache all the time for web content, and did
not see any detriment to doing it with the instances for iFolder.

Domain1 appears to be fully functional through both the web interface and
the Windows client.

Domain2 appears to be fully functional through the web interface, but I am
unable to log in via the Windows client.

Also - I've found that shutting down the Windows client while it is
syncing has no ill effect on anything. However, when that client starts
back up, it crashes the sync process on the server and I have to restart

I've increased the logging levels on both the server and the client, but
nothing is standing out to me.

I'd appreciate any insight anyone might have.