I am currently testing the deployment of MSI Bundles to install software on freshly imaged computers.
The depolyment and installation of msi bundles is working ok. Now I want to:
1. uninstall the msi application, and
2. remove the bundle from the workstation.

When I enable the bundle for uninstall my only choices are
a. to Enable uninstall by the user, and
b. uninstall after x days if not used.

What I really want, is to be able to select the bundle and then in the quick actions list select an option called "uninstall bundle". I don't know why this is not an option, it should be, so consider this an enhancement request (any thing I need to do to make this request official???)

Does any one know a way around the above limitation. I don't really want to have to run a script on all the workstations to do a zac rmb (or run the script in a directive bundle). I tried disabling the install action in the bundle and only enabling the uninstall action, but that does not cause an uninstall on the workstation. Any other ideas for uninstalling an installed app?

Once a bundle is deployed to a workstation there does not appear to be anyway to remove it from the workstation. The app may be uninstalled, but the bundle remains. Unlinking the bundle from the workstation does not remove it from the workstation. Deleting the bundle does not remove it from the workstation. It seems the only way to get it off the workstation is to unregister the workstation from ZEN. I suppose another option might be to write a script that would delete the files from the local cache and then run that script through a directive bundle. Any other ideas to get a bundle off of a workstation?