I am totally confused by the documentation. I have Netware 6.5 SP7 and I
used the startx console to install iFolder or so I thought. I looking
at the admin doc 236 pages and it says to download iFolder from Novell
and install it from a workstation. I went to the novell web site and it
says that ifolder is available for purchase. What is the read deal?

I can access the https:/IP Address/iFolder but not the https:/IP
Address/iFolder/admin I can see an iFolder directory but the only a few
things there. I did find a much more extensive directory under Apache2.

The command in the manual nvxadmdn.ncf simply gives an error and wont
shutdown Apache. How do you shutdown Apache 2.0.59? Do I need to shut
down Apache and do another install of iFolder? Is this a product that is
included with Netware 6.5 or a separate product that must be purchased?