Hello everyone,

It's hard to know where to post this question so forgive the cross post
on the two forums.

I have freeradius set up on my OES box. It will successfully
authenticate from both the localhost(radtest) and another machine on the
lan(ntradping) using Novell Edirectory users that are configured for
access. So at this point LDAP, client config, etc. seem to be working fine.

However, when I configure my access point to use the same freeradius
server and configure the Win XP Pro client, as I've done before, I get
prompted for a password and then the AP and freeradius never seem to
communicate. I say this because radiusd -X -A doesn't show any activity
and the APs syslog information doesn't seem to return any errors either.

I'm really at a loss and can only assume that it's some problem with my
eap.conf. However, I've followed the documentation and checked multiple
sources. Everything looks fine from that end.

I'd like to note that the AP is on the same subnet as specified in the
clients.conf file and this AP will work fine as configured if I change
the radius config to point to my Zeroshell Radius server. This doesn't
help though because I really want to get a freeradius server set up that
authenticates my existing edir users so that I can next tackle setting
up Novell Client 4.91sp4 with 802.1X support.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I've read the standard novell
freeradius docs, the Cool Solutions articles, several TIDs and googled
to read a lot about the freeradius config files.

I'm reall stuck and it has to be something simple I'm missing. Please help!