I've been dabbling with the contracts area of ZAM, and have had a few
technical difficulties
* Some of them don't delete properly - I've deleted them, but a shadow of
them still appears in the mainc contracts page. I went to check in the
actual contracts table in the database - but they weren't there either. So
they wont delete properly, and I cant create a new one with the same ID.
* Why can't you associate a device with more than one contract - for
example with a lease and with a maintenance schedule. It doesn't seem to
work - when you try to associate with the second contract, the device area
of the contract isnt populated.
* The dates do funny things. I set, for example, the starting date for a
lease (contract) to 3/30/06, and then it shows it as 2/29/06.

Cheerio and thanks.