I have one subnet with a Novell server in it running DHCP and PDHCP that
currently had Zen 7 imaging running on it. The ipaddress for that server
is I have a new ZCM server running in another subnet. It's
address is I want to PXE boot workstations to the Zen10
server across the CISCO 4507 router and use Server Referral lists to
continue to use my Zen 7 imaging engine and then transition to the the Zen
10 stuff. I can't get the PXE booting to work. I've tried all kinds of ip
helper-address commands and such on the router but I'm missing something.

Keep in mind, I can PXE boot perfectly off the Zen 7 boxes that are
running both DHCP and PDHCP. I just want to get the Zen 10 stuff
integrated so we can begin making the transition to that. I've read the
Server Referral List set up carefully and can't find anything that
explains to me what I need to undo on the Zen 7 side and in turn what I
need to do on the Zen 10 side to get this working.

Any help would be appreciated.