I doubt this is possible because Novell for some reason insists on
taking an MS Approach to the agent deploy (you take it their way or no
way at all), but I'll ask anyway:

Currently we have ZEN 7 and ZEN Patch management. Obviously two diff.

We do NOT put ZEN Agent on any of our servers because we don't want to
have users login to the server (Citrix servers mostly) and accidentally
deploy stuff on them (very bad things happen).

So we put JUST the Patch agent on the servers.

Works out well.

But if we want to use the linux version of Patch, we have to use ZCM.
That would be great, BUT it appears that you have to put the entire ZEN
Agent on the machine now.

You cannot deselect NAL, or Inventory, or Imaging, (like you COULD with
ZEN 7).

So much for the more "Modular" approach that Novell was wanting. (If by
Modular you mean you get everything or nothing, then I guess that was

Now I really don't feel like having to re-code hundreds of app objects
to "detect" if you're on a server or not (plus all we have to do is
"miss" one and blow up an entire set of servers which looks bad).

So is it possible to deploy JUST the ZDM Patch agent?

My guess is no.