My print server was just upgraded to Netware 6.5 sp7 and all went without
a hitch on the server, but we are experiencing some authentication issues
for secure printers only.

The server was running NDS version before the upgrade and is now

What happens is, when a person logs into the windows xp machine with any
novell client version, and they have a secure printer on their machine, it
has a window that comes up and says that Printer authentication has
failed, do you with to try again. I have the user click try again, and
then it pops up a windows to put their novell credentials in, which
doesn't work.

I have narrowed it down to something with the user accounts, not the
printers. I found out that if I create a new user, or if the user account
has been created in the past year or so, all works fine. If the user
account is an older account, it will not authenticate through now that we
have upgraded to SP7.

In the interim, I have created a temporary account called print that
everyone is putting in to authenticate to the printer until we can figure
this out.

Has anyone run into this issue, and if so how would I go about updating
the older user accounts to work with this new version of iPrint.

Thanks in advance.