Perhaps I missed something in the install of the OES2 servers...

Enviroment: First 3 OES 2 servers in a previously 100% Novell 6.5
environment. All three servers were the default install, adding options
like NetStorage, IPrint. All IPrint RPMs show as installed. The "iPrint
Linux Management Plug-in" shows as installed in IManager installation
section in configuration.

All IPrint tasks in IManager on these 3 servers show "No pages run in the
current environment or support the current device" when viewed in
Unavailable Tasks. No pages show up under the side pane in Roles and
Tasks. IPrint configuration is fine on the Netware machines with my
account. All other EDirectory-based services appear fine and the servers
are actively serving up drives correctly.

Documentation says things like "No changes should need to be made from the
default instalation" and such.

What did I miss?