We had strange behavior on few machines. The iFolder client (2.1.8) did
not upload files to server correctly. In Account information it showed
that amount to upload was 2831,4MB but when clicking Sync now button it
just showed "synchronization completed", no uploading. But during the
same time when he modified some files that where already uploaded to
server, those uploaded just fine. + If user went over quota, it normally
also starts to complain that no space available but also in this case it
did not do even that. We moved all files away from iFolder and let the
system resync as empty, and placed files back all worked just fine.

What could be issue cause this behavior is really critical problem, we
already lost part of one users files when we re-imaged machine and
trusted that iFolder client worked ok.

Server side is NW 6.5 sp6 and no errors shown there nether.