Is there any performance benefit that the end-user will notice for
line-of-business applications using the optional ATI graphics Dell offers
over the motherboard built-in Intel GMA with the DVI connector?

Our standard config for the 745 line is core2duo 2.66, 4GB RAM, DVD-RW, ATI
single DVI video,WinXP 32bit...etc... The end-user usually has 7-10 windows
open at once with 4 different hoggish appiclations running concurrently. In
terms of graphic intensiveness, none of what they do on a daily basis goes
beyond watching YouTube videos or using Visio. Occasionally

We've purchased ATI cards for the longest time to keep the system from
sharing RAM when having 1-2GB of RAM in a system with all those applications
running. Now that 4GB of RAM is reasonalbly priced on a PC, time to give
the shared memory graphics option another look.

Your thoughts?