Greetings everyone, thanks in advance for helping with my issue. Here's my
problem... when an Exchange user sends a HTML email to a GroupWise user
through the API email connector, the email arrives in GroupWise as plain
text and is some times missing content as a result. How can I get these
messages from Exchange to GroupWise in HTML format through the connector.

Some additional information... when a GroupWise user sends a HTML email
through the API email connector to an Exchange user, the Exchange user
does get the HTML message but as an attachment, which is acceptable for
us. I'm running GroupWise 6.5 and Exchange 2003. I'm using the 4.1 SP2 API
gateway and everything is working properly except for HTML messages from
Exchange users to GroupWise users.

Also, if I use internet addressing (not the API connector) the messages
route out to the internet and then back in and keep their HTML format.
Using this method doesn't give me the address book sync or free/busy
search for the calendar though which makes it undesirable.