Hello Everyone,

I realise this may sound like a n00b question, but I'm still new to Novell / NDS.

I've created a self extracting *.exe (WinRAR) that I need to deploy to users in various OU's within our company.

I've hosted the *.exe on a shared drive that all users get mapped to when they login (part of their login script).

If i go and manually execute the *.exe it runs perfectly fine and extracts the files / folders to the correct directory, i.e.

C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Desktop

However when I create a Zenworks Application Object in ConsoleOne and try and get it to deploy to people, it runs, but all the folders end up in the System32 Directory, i.e.

C:\Windows\System32\Documents & Settings\All Users\Desktop

So it seems that somehow Zenworks Application Manager has a default installation directory in the System32 folder...?

What can i do to resolve this issue..???

Kind Regards,