Hi All,

I've recently installed ZCM 10.0.1 on a freshly installed windows 2003 RC2
server and have encountered a rather puzzling problem that I cannot find
reference to anywhere on the forums or knowledge base.

When installing the Zenworks Adaptive Agent onto my Windows XP SP2 machine
the install itself works fine, but the system cannot register with my
Zenworks server.

When connecting all I get is the following error on the command line:
Unable to register with the server at: https://animal.pacifichills.net.
RegistrationManager - Network error connecting to server: The remote
returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.
I've double-checked the proxy configuration using zac sp and the system
indicates that there is no proxy configured - so the authentication issue
logically suggests the web service.

The log file on the local machine displays the following:
[DEBUG] [31/10/2007 4:54:44 PM] [] [ZMD] [] [Checking if Refresh has
already occurred] [] []
[DEBUG] [31/10/2007 4:54:44 PM] [] [ZMD] [] [Finished CommandLineHandler
Initial Refresh] [] []
[DEBUG] [31/10/2007 4:54:44 PM] [] [ZMD] [] [Processing Command for
handler register] [] []
[DEBUG] [31/10/2007 4:54:44 PM] [] [ZenCache] [] [GetObject called for
deviceResponse:Registration] [] []
[DEBUG] [31/10/2007 4:54:49 PM] [] [ConnectMan] [] [ResetConnections()]
[] []
[DEBUG] [31/10/2007 4:54:49 PM] [] [ConnectMan] [] [ clearing host
table] [] []
[DEBUG] [31/10/2007 4:54:49 PM] [] [ConnectMan] [] [ clearing IP
address table] [] []
[DEBUG] [31/10/2007 4:54:49 PM] [] [ConnectMan] [] [ clearing IP URI
table] [] []
[DEBUG] [31/10/2007 4:54:49 PM] [] [ZenCache] [] [GetObject called for
[DEBUG] [31/10/2007 4:54:49 PM] [] [ZenCache] [] [GetObject called for
[DEBUG] [31/10/2007 4:54:49 PM] [] [RegistrationManager] [] [Network
error connecting to server: The remote server returned an error: (407)
Proxy Authentication Required.] [] []

The server log 'services-messages.log' does not display anything matching
that time (the server and my laptop both sync from the same timesource).

I have successfully unregistered and re-registered a second desktop
without this error.

I suspect this is some sort of DotNET glitch but I don't know where to
start looking. I've reinstalled the client twice now with no success.

We do use a proxy URL for internet explorer and I believe that DotNET does
reference some of the IE configuration for web access, but the desktop
that has successfully registered is configured the same way.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Joel Butler