Dear all,

I would like to caution anyone who is trying to deploy the new Zenworks
Adaptive agent on Windows Vista. From our testing we have experienced
significant problems in these areas:

1) Performance- very slow- slows the the login process from around 30
seconds to serveral minutes. Machines have 1 GB RAM and modern CPU.

This is an extract from NTS confirming the issue:

"Once they install the ZCM agent on a workstation, their login time goes
from approx 20- 30sec to 3 -5 minutes. Found BUG 336804. Gave them info on
the bug and will monitor this for a fix. I am taking ownership of this SR
and increaseing the bugs criticality. Here is their info.
Server : WIndows 2003 R2, 8gig mem, ZCM 10.0.1 upgrade from 10.0.0.
Workstations: Windows Vista, 1gig mem, zcm agent only (never had the
Novell Client), Language: Australian english on both server and
workstations. Currently in a test environment with 2 -3 workstations. This
is very high priority for them as they want to get approx 800 workstations
by End of Year."

2) Agent causes a number of application to break- I don't know how but it
does, the same SOE without the agent, and all the applications are fine.

This really is disappointing, especially issue 1) re: performance. We
have opened calls to NTS and they have no ETA when these issues will be

We just cannot understand how a product can ship in this state.

IT Manager ASAS