I have an administrator that would like to archive his GroupWise mail to
iFolder so that he can access it from whichever building he is in or at
home. iFolder has been installed at both schools for now and syncs "normal"
files without a hitch, but, when he archives GroupWise mail while at one
building, it cannot be accessed at the other although it can be found in
iFolder but in a different folder than the one at the first school. Both
GroupWise clients are set to archive to the same iFolder folder (pulled up
both PC's side-by-side with VNC and copy and pasted from the "good" one to
the second but no luck.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated! Is it something to do with
the way GroupWise archives that isn't getting transferred to the iFolder

I have mine archiving to iFolder and am able to access it either on my
office PC or at home (or so it seems).